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Linux Audio Bundles & Distributions


2006-2007 edit

  • 64 Studio 64-bit audio-optimized Debian-based Linux distribution from Daniel James and Free Ekanayaka.
  • APODIO is an " computer on a live CD bootable distribution".
  • Arch Pro Audio Packages for the Arch Linux distribution.
  • ArtistX is a live DVD that "... turns a computer into a full multimedia production studio".
  • AVLinux Glen MacArthur's superb Debian-based media-optimized distribution.
  • Dream Studio Excellent Ubuntu-based distro from
  • Dynebolic A GNU/Linux distribution "... shaped on the needs of media activists, artists and teachers"
  • Gentoo Pro-Audio Overlay Pro-audio support for Gentoo users
  • KXStudio Ubuntu/KDE-based distribution for "artists, producers, musicians as well as regular users".
  • Musix An excellent live distribution from Marcos Guglielmetti and friends.
  • Planet CCRMA Fedora Core packages of the Linux sound and music software used at CCRMA, thanks to Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano.
  • StartCom Multimedia Edition Another cool Red Hat/Fedora-based system.
  • Tango Studio Ubuntu-based "live" distribution specialized for audio creation and performance.
  • Thac's RPMs For Mandrake Includes a large collection of Linux music and sound packages.
  • Transmission Audio-optimized Linux distribution for the Indamixx and standalone PCs.
  • Ubuntu Studio "A multimedia creation flavor of Ubuntu".
  • m-dist A SlackWare-based live Linux system specially tuned for MIDI and audio use.
  • pure:dyne "A free operating system dedicated to realtime audio and video processing".

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